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Nordic Banks helps you to find the most suitable loan for you and save hundreds of euros. With Nordic Banks taking a loan is safe, trustworthy and easy. 

We want our customers to get the best loan with the lowest interest rate and fare terms. Nordic Banks loan comparison system does the hard work for you and compares several loan provider’s loans. This way the customer gets the whole overview, making it easy to pick the best and most affordable loan.

You can apply 200 – 60 000€ with a simple and free online application, that doesn’t yet bind you to anything.  If your application gets approved, you get several loan offers and the loan money to your account as fast as the same day.

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Do you already have debt?

Nordic Banks offers an option where you can save thousands of hundreds of euros in your existing loans. Instead of paying separate high interest rates and account payments, collect your loans into a one big loan with a low interest rate. This studied method saves you money, but also makes your economy more structured, since you only have one loan to pay each month.


  • Loan up to 60.000€
  • Flexible payback time
  • Non-binding application
  • Money to your account the same day
  • No need for guarantees

The comparisons can not be considered as a complete picture of the entire consumer credit market.